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java install not properly ?
Occasional Contributor

java install not properly ?

Before install ISEE into a HPUX 11.00 system,install java SDK.
But after install java SDK into a HPUX 11.00 system,use java -version to verify it got bellow error.Reinstall no help.

testisee[/opt/java1.4/bin]#./java -version
/usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: dlsym (code) from /opt/java1.4/jre/lib/PA_R ISC2.0/server/

Anyone has known this error to solved? thanks a lot !
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: java install not properly ?


On PA_RISC Server, ISEE comes with its own Java, this can be seen from /opt/hpservices/etc/motprefs:

What I try to say is ISEE has no relationship to your own Java SDK problem, you may want to remove it and reinstall again.

If this doesn't fix your problem, please contact HP/Java Team.


Re: java install not properly ?

If you have an unsat for dlsym, it means you need to install the latest ld/dld patch.
PHSS_24303 is the recommended patch.