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port and firewall settings - reporting

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port and firewall settings - reporting

I have a couple of issues with my installation of IRS and reporting through the Insight Online portal

On my Central server IRS is running, but it is not capable of sending the Configuration to my email account
Everything seems to be set correctly, and it used to work,, but all over sudden I do not get notification and see the collection apparantly does not work. Possbly the Firewall settings have changed and some port or traffic type is blocked.

then I use Insight Online to monitor a couple of customers and my onw nodes. In the My Customers I do not see my own site and nodes appear, although IRS ios configured to do so. I do see a couple of customers with their monitored devices. When running reports I also do not see my own site as a choice to select for the reports,. For the opther customers I can successfully run every report exccept the Device configuration Report. For all sites this fails after 48 hours.

However, Support has ran a report using my site and my servers, (so they can see it) and the device configuraiton does work and even I can see this report in Insight Online.

I am working with some support people for a couple of months already on this without success. So I think maybe our Firewall settings are blocking ceratin things...

Can anyone give me list of the following
Ports that need to be open
Type of traffice they need to be open for
Should they open for Recieve or Sent, push or pull or whatever else
Should they be open for UDP, anything else...

I know they have almost closed every port and block a lot of traffic in our company firewall since about 6 months, and since that day I have these problems. I need info to confince people to open up ports/traffic..

The ping to the necessary HPE sites do work perfectly, and the status shows Connected, so the link to HPE seems to be ok
Any additional help in fixing this is appreciated.


Re: port and firewall settings - reporting


Please have a look at this document:  HPE Insight Remote Support Security Whitepaper  This should contain the information you requested.  Please advise if not.

I am an HPE employee.
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Re: port and firewall settings - reporting


It looks oke. I'll pass it on to our Network team to see if we can the firewall,