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Building Itanium-based HP server

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Building Itanium-based HP server

Hello everyone,


I have posted before about finding a HP server to run Oracle on HP-UX. The search for a good cheap server is rather difficult so I have decided to build a one myself. I will highly appreciate if you could give me any advice/tip/guide/HowTo about builidng HP itanium baser server that could run HP-UX.


Thanks in advance




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Re: Building Itanium-based HP server

I guess you're familiar with the PC architecture, where you can get standardized parts from various sources, and have them work together with an off-the-shelf OS. For any other computer architectures, this is not necessarily true.


The problem is, HP-UX only runs on HP server chipsets with HP firmware. You will only find those on HP system boards. (Are there any non-HP Itanium system boards for private system builders at all???)


You'll notice that HP server system boards are not designed to fit into any standard PC chassis, so buying just a system board is not a very satisfactory option.


So the situation is more like with Macs, except that there are no HP-UX equivalents of Hackintoshes.


Of course, nothing is impossible if you really want to, but I think the requirements will probably be even more expensive:

  • get an education on high-frequency digital circuit design (about a Master's degree at least)
  • license the chipset and firmware from HP (dream on!) or be a HP employee in the Itanium server design department... or scavenge parts from broken server components & reverse-engineer (if legal at your location)
  • design your very own system board and fabricate it
  • then write any necessary firmware extensions and drivers to add support for it

I'd say this is not doable for most people, but some CS/EE dual-major supergenius might be able to pull it off, just because s/he can. If you could manage that, however, I guess you could also easily get a job that pays so well you could buy several Itanium servers just to play with them.

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Re: Building Itanium-based HP server

Dear sir.

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