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FC HBA card replacement on rx6600

Ramaprasad K
Regular Advisor

FC HBA card replacement on rx6600


I need to replace HBA AD299A with HBA AD300A which are already installed on rx6600 servers.( i am aware former is single port and latter is dual port 4GB card).

Follwing are my queries:
1) after checking Support matrix, Adapter Firmware required is FW 2.70X5 and EFI 3.21A3. ( where excatly can i get them)
2) Also from 'FibrChanl-02 (fclp) Fibre Channel Mass Storage Driver for HP-UX 1 1i v3 Release Notes Version Number B. 1 1 .3 1 .0803' document, I found out that "FibrChanl-02 (fclp) driver, version B.11.31.0803" is the driver which is required. I searched according to doc and found only this... (
which is for 11iv2. I dont know where exactly to find the required driver. Pl give me the URL.
3) Apart from above, is there any other F/W i need to check like do i need to check SAN Switch compatibility with the FC HBA and SAN Switch's F/W needs to be upgraded??

Kinldy reply,
Thanks in advance
Ramaprasad K
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: FC HBA card replacement on rx6600

Find the driver:

You need to install the adapter before you can check/update the firmware.

I'm sure you will find the files on the IPF offline diagnostics CD.

Hope this helps!

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Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: FC HBA card replacement on rx6600

Ramaprasad K
Regular Advisor

Re: FC HBA card replacement on rx6600

Thanks Torsten and Robert.

The URL provided by both of you for downloading the driver is, apparntly, the same. Also, the driver which you r referring to is "fcd" and what is required is "fclp" (refer the release notes attached). Above all, it doesn't list ( the product no of HBA I am going to put in the servers which is "AD299A" by removing HBA wit prod no AD300A.

For your info, refer to Support matrix which mentions the requirement of "fclp-02 11i v3: B.11.31.0803" and not fcd driver.

Following are few of my other queries from the attached doc:
Under subheading "Known Problems and Limitations":
1) 2nd and 3rd points talk about EFI changes.-- Is it of some concern if I am booting from local disk and not from SAN. (Also do I need to upgrade Adapter and System F/W if I am booting from local disk and not from SAN).
2) 5th point "Problems Installing VxVM with the fclp HP-UX Driver (FibrChanl-02)" -- Is this a concern if I already have VxVM ( 4.0 version). Does this work without any issues or do I need to upgrade to 5.0. If so, how and where to get it?

If Adapter F/W needs to be upgraded, kindly provide me the URL for the same.( I am not reducing my burden, but I am tired of searching and even then, I am not able to find the right one. Specially, if I put some wrong driver or F/W, the H/W will go for a toss. tats why I'm afraid).