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HP RX2660 Monitoring


HP RX2660 Monitoring


How can I monitor a HP RX2660 to get CPU Temperature and other ?

Normally I have to use the iLO2 MP LAN port, no ? I can't access at (connection refused). 

If it's possible, I would like to use Nagios and SNMP protocol but I don't have the MIB file. 

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Re: HP RX2660 Monitoring

I dont beleive the rx2660 (or any Integrity server) will provide component temperature sensor data.  All I can see is ambient temp.

As far as the iLO LAN, you will need to configure a valid IP address in order to access the web based interface.  This is done via the serial interface and interacting with the iLO/MP command line mode (MP commands LC and LS).



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Re: HP RX2660 Monitoring

Thanks you for your reply. 

Where I can find alls OID for the rx2660 ? I searched but I found nothing until now...

I configure a IP address for the ILO LAN, but when open the web interface I have "You will be redirected to a secure connection in 2 seconds" and then I have "ERR_SSL_BAD_RECCORD_MAC_ALERT" and I don´t see where I can disable SSL...




Re: HP RX2660 Monitoring

Ok sorry for the double post. I have a valid IP for the MP iLO2 LAN

Now, I would like monitor the server with Nagios with SNMP. But for that, I need OID (for get the states of Fans, temperature...etc). I find this but there are not all.

Where I can find all OID ?

Sorry for my bad english :)

Francisco Hermida
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Re: HP RX2660 Monitoring