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Installing Windows Server 2003

Christian Bølling
Occasional Contributor

Installing Windows Server 2003

I'm trying to install Windows server 2003 on Integrity 7640 (headless console), but the installation process keeps failing. I use the Smart Setup CD v4, starting an Express Windows installation through this. The installation proceeds without errors until just after entering the windows key - now the installation reports several files are missing i.e.:

msvcrt.dll, fxsxp32.dll, instmsia.exe

Am I installing uncorrectly or do I have a hardware error????

Finally when the installation is done (with errors), I start a 'cmd' typing ipconfig and no NIC's are reported. So I really haven't got much to work with here.

Can anybody help??
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing Windows Server 2003

Now that you've gotten your firmware and (maybe) partitions setup with Smart Setup, just use a regular windows IA-64 install DVD (that should have been shipped with the 7640 along with the factory restore and SS disks), and at the EFI menu order a boot from optical media.