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RX7640 - partition cell assignments

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RX7640 - partition cell assignments


I've recently had a problem on a new RX7640 which contains two cells. The server has no OS installed.

One of the cells was faulty and another had to be sent out.

The part was going to take a long time so I asked HP to reconfigure the server to boot using one cell only.

They advised using a RR then CC commands from the MP ILO.

This reconfigured the server successfully and I was able to boot using only one cell.

I now have the replacement cell and need to re-add this back into the configuration.

Can I do this using only commands from the MP / EFI? I cant see any command that can do this

I cant use the "Restore Last complex profile" option of the MP ILO CC command as I have overwritten this

trying to reconfigure it myself.

Current Configuration:

MP:CM> cp

Cabinet |0 |
Slot |01|
Part 0 |.*|

Many Thanks
kris rombauts
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Re: RX7640 - partition cell assignments


you have to perform this remotely via the nPAR s/w that talks to the iLO/MP over the LAN.

Download the nPAR tools and then add the 2nd cell back into the existing partition.
Your iLO/MP mst have a password set for the ipmi commands that are send to the iLO/MP from the remote pc that runs the nPAR tools.

This is just the CLI and runs on XP/Vista:

Here is some explanation of the commands to run :

Hope this helps you on the way to get this done.

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Re: RX7640 - partition cell assignments

Many thanks for your reply.

I managed to fix this by firstly creating a genesis partition containing the one core cell using the mp ilo. I then ignited the server with HPUX 11.23. I was then able to use the parmodify command from the OS to add the second cell to the partition. After this I used kickstart to place the intended Redhat build on the server.

i was unaware you could do this remotely.

I'll check your link!