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Slow Boot of Integrity VM

Dolder Matthias
Occasional Advisor

Slow Boot of Integrity VM

when booting a virtual guest out of 'hpvmconsole', it is sitting for minutes on the screen attached. Anyone having an idea into which direction to search ?
- OS is 11.23 (with 0606 patches, +/- every Veritas patch, recommended VM patches aso.)
- sys is a rx2620 (2-cpu, 8gb mem)
- only 1-vCPU is defined at this point in time
- VM is 01.20.00
- Guest Storage is a VxVM Volume

Honored Contributor

Re: Slow Boot of Integrity VM

Run following on VM host and check the information.
# hpvmcollect -P

Try starting the guest using
# hpvmstart -P
Check the messages and look for where bootup is put on hold.

It seems the memory resource shortage for the guest.

Re: Slow Boot of Integrity VM


Veriry if patch PHKL_33361 is installed in guest. If yes, remove.

This patch is problem with integrity vm guest.