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add more cell/CPU to a partition

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Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

add more cell/CPU to a partition

Hi All,
I am a new bie for Superdome.
My superdome server has only 02 cell, Now i would like to order 02 more cells to increase performance.
Can you advise me what license i need/ How can i upgrade this to partition. I know how to add a cell to partition but do not know how to active new ordered cell.
Tks you
HP is simple
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: add more cell/CPU to a partition

Hi Tien,

Please it shall be helpful if you can post the O/P of the command as run on the SD.

#uname -a
#icod_stat or #icapstatus

More over if you can access the MP Please provide going to the command mode of the MP
O/P for the io and the cp command


the basic idea is

1) the addition of new cells to the partiotions is very straight forward, If you have already planned all then the addition of a new cell to an SD will take a parmodify command and a reboot-for-reconfig of that NPAR to achieve that.

Stop all the applications running on the SD NPAR so that it can be rebooted.
#parmodify -p 0 -a 0/3:base:y:ri -B

this adds to Partition No 0 the cell numbered 0/3 that is a cell Belonging to Cab 0 and cell number3 and asks you to perform a Reboot-For-Reconfig (RFR) to achieve that.

Follow this with an RFR of that NPAR
#shutdown -Ry 00

you are done.

Few Basic Considerations:

1) the new cells must have the Same FW as the Existing Cells in the SD.
If not then upgrade the exixting cells to the FW level of the New Cells and/or Entirely upgrade the SD FW to the latest Receipe.
2)The processors on the NEw cell Boards should be Identically maching the Processors on the Existing Cell Boards Else it is better to upgrade the Exisiting CPUS to that on the New cell-boards.
3)The addition of cell-boards and inclusing them in the Existing NPAR should be chosen in such a way to meet the High Availability as well as High Performance Criteria of Adding the Cells(We refer to Nifty Diagrams for the Configuration/Reconfig of cells on an NPAR)
4)If ICAP/ICOD is appliced on the Existing NPARs then that also needs to be checked if we need an incresae in the License of the ICAP/ICOD or the Existing License Level shall be enough for the New Cell boards and processors.
5)If the NPARs are running VPARs you need to take care that the Cell Addition to the NPAR needs to be done by booting in the NPAR mode(On intyegrity) and then using vparmodify to add the cells to the VPAR.
for PARISC SD s and PARISC NPARS running VPARS the booting in the NPAR mode is nit valid, however care has to be taken to do parmodify to add cell and RFR and then add the CPUs to the VPARS using the vparmodify.

Hence I will suggest you to have a closer look at all these requirements and follow the SD Maintenance Upgrade Guides and follow the processes and to take Help of an HP Authorised Engineer to achieve that logging a case with HP itself.

The upgrade Guide and the NPAR config guide of the SD Depending on the model of the SD should be followed.

Here is the NPAR config Guide

â ¢ â Adding Cells to an nPartition (nPartition Commands)â (page 180)
â ¢ â Adding Cells to an nPartition (Partition Manager)â (page 181)

See the Cell and memory Config Guidelines at:
SD config Guidelines for an Integrity HP 9000 SD