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rx4640 doesn't boot up

Occasional Contributor

rx4640 doesn't boot up

Hello! Could anybody help to troubleshoot boot problem with rx4640?

We have this server with one CPU, 8Gb (4x2Gb) RAM, 2 power supplies. After connecting power supply cords I see power supply fans spinning. Front Control Panel LEDs:
Power LED is flashing yellow,
system LED is flashing red,
thermal LED is solid green.
QuickFind Diagnostic Panel LEDS all are off - no lights.

When pressing power button - system doesn't boot up. I can access MP and check event log viewer - but doesnt understand those alerts..

Thank you in advance. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Valued Contributor

Re: rx4640 doesn't boot up

RE leds.
Power LED falshing yellow. This indicates that the system has housekeeping voltages applied
System LED flashing red. This indicates a system fault.
The thermal led green is normal.
With no fault indicated in the quickfind diagnostic leds the MP system log needs to be checked.

From the MP console select SL
then select E system event
Then select A for alert level
Then select 7 for fatal event level
Then select T for text mode.

At this point to view the log use - and + or D to dump the log to the screen,

There may be an indication in the log to the nature of the fault.

regards Brian