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rx4640 stuck on hard fault (flashing red)

Derrick Randolph
Occasional Visitor

rx4640 stuck on hard fault (flashing red)

I have a brand new Integrity rx4640-8. The system lcd shows a flashing red, which is a hard fault / system halt. The power button neither powers the server on or off. Everything else (power, plugs, etc..) appears to be working just fine. What causes this and how do i get it out of the hard fault state? I want to connect via console and install Windows 2k3.

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: rx4640 stuck on hard fault (flashing red)


in order to know why the red led is on, you have to log onto the management card (MP) via the serial or LAN port first
and check the hardware log. It does not necessarily means their is a H/W defect in the system.
When you keep the power button pressed for a few seconds it will probably shut down.

Their is a manual available for installing w2k3 on Itanium, have a look here :

Their is also a section called "Troubleshooting Tips for the Pre-OS Setup"

It's very handy to have the SmartSetup cd available which is nirmally delivered with your server, if not, then download the latest version V3.40 here:

It also contains documentation that might be good to look at.