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rx7640 error on cell

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Honored Contributor

rx7640 error on cell



I have an rx7640, with the same problem reported here:



I get on the MP sel (I have no OS installed):


Log Entry 5197:    01/28/2014 11:38:57
Alert level 2:  Informational
A HW failure was seen on the cell and the failure usage behavior has taken.
Reporting Entity:  System Firmware located in cabinet 0, slot 0, cpu 0
0x4b001c7800e00b8c 0x0100000052e796d1

Log Entry 5193:    01/28/2014 11:38:57
Alert level 3:  Warning
A dimm or CPU has is deconfigured or failed testing
Reporting Entity:  System Firmware located in cabinet 0, slot 0, cpu 0
0x6b000efd00e00b86 0x0100000052e796d1


But when I go into EFI, all the hardware is there, nothing deconfigured:



         Slot/   # of               L3      L4      Family/
         CPU     Logical            Cache   Cache   Model         Processor
   Cell  Module  CPUs     Speed     Size    Size    (hex.)   Rev  State
   ----  ------  -------  --------  ------  ------  -------  ---  -------------
     0    0/0/0     2      1.6 GHz    9 MB    None   20/00    C2         Active
     0    0/0/2     2      1.6 GHz    9 MB    None   20/00    C2         Active

   CPU threads are turned off.

MEMORY INFORMATION for Cell 0 in Slot 0 of Cab 0

     ---- DIMM A -----  ---- DIMM B -----
      DIMM   Current     DIMM   Current 
---  ------ ----------  ------ ----------
 0   4096MB     Active  4096MB     Active
 1   4096MB     Active  4096MB     Active
 2   1024MB     Active  1024MB     Active
 3    ----               ----           
 4    ----               ----           
 5    ----               ----           
 6    ----               ----           
 7    ----               ----           


On the above post, it says he fixed the problem doing a reset of the nvram of the cell, I have no idea how to reset the nvram of a rx7640 cell, anyone can help, how can I reset the nvram on the cell?.



Windows?, no thanks
Holger G

Re: rx7640 error on cell



you can reset/clear NVRAM of the cell by isolating/removing the PDH battery on the cell for a minute.

Remember that you'll erase all NVRAM settings on that cell like CLM (cell local memory), fpar and acpiconfig. And if it is a partition core cell it will even lose RTC (real time clock) settings and the boot options.

So you may save these settings before you clear NVRAM.



Kind Regards


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Honored Contributor

Re: rx7640 error on cell

Perfect, the nvram reset fixed the errors.



Windows?, no thanks
Occasional Visitor

Re: rx7640 error on cell

Hi Dear 

I replaced the PDH Battery without saving the settings, so the server rx7640 didn't boot and the screen hold after counting CPU active set .

can you help me please  

Honored Contributor

Re: rx7640 error on cell

Can you share the console output showing where the boot process stops?



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