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rx7640.. map command showing no output

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rx7640.. map command showing no output

Dear All,


I have rx7640 server with 2CPU 8GB RAM 2x146GB HDD and two SCSI+LAN pci card. I want to do the configuration from scratch. When I run map command from EFI shell it is coming without any output. In addition, I also created genesis partition and When the partition is booting it doesnot showing any HDD and SCSI card. Pls anyone help.




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Re: rx7640.. map command showing no output

The rx7640 has the potential for two cells and four hard disks.  If you are not using both cells, then the hard disks must be installed in the proper slots  (cell 1 is bottom cell slot, this uses the top two disk slots and DVD; cell 0 is top cell slot and uses the bottom two disks  - and DVD if you have a dual slot DVD media tray).


From the MP Command menu run CP to check what cells are configured in the partition.

From the EFI shell run "info io" to check for what IO chassis is being seen.


Once you know all this, confirm the disks are in the right slot (oh and the disks should be lit with green or no LED - amber means the IO chassis is not powered on).



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