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rx8640 question on smart array controllers

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rx8640 question on smart array controllers

Hello all,

We have an rx8640 with 2 6402 controllers inside (1 for each IO bay to be used for 2 partitions). We have a partition created from cell 0 and can see the raid controller and 2 disks on the top. Questions are:

1) How do we configure the 2nd array controller in IO Bay 1? Do we have to create another partition and boot from that to see the array controller and disks?

2) I notice when we boot we see a 6400-192 array which has the 2 disks and another entry that shows 6400-192 EM that cannot see disks, what does that one represent and why is that there?

Thanks for any help

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Re: rx8640 question on smart array controllers


1) Create a second partition, boot it and follow the offline configuration procedure for the smartarray 6402 controller:

2) The 6402 has 2 channels, you see both.

Hope this helps!

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