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Insights from MWC18: MEC, 5G, Edge Computing



MWC_small.jpgWhen HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri looked back at an exciting week at Mobile World Congress 2018, among his main takeaways were these: 5G is ready for its day; and Compute at the Edge will change everything. On the first point, says Antonio, “IoT is accelerating at breakneck speed; global demand for higher and higher bandwidth is relentless as organizations seek to transform their digital infrastructures.” On the second: “… the ability for enterprises to use data to reshape their customer experience, redefine their workplaces and reimagine their operations will no longer be an opportunity – it will be necessary for survival.”

Antonio’s thoughts neatly encapsulate an important focus for HPE at Mobile World Congress this year: namely, the technologies and services that drive the Intelligent Edge and deliver on the promise of mobility and the Internet of Things. If you couldn’t make it to the Barcelona event, you missed a great show, but we can offer some useful resources to help keep you up to speed on the industry-shaking trends.

Coming your way: Edge Computing and hyper-speed connectivity powered by 5G

The impending arrival of fifth-generation wireless broadband technology, with its huge advances in improved bandwidth, lower latency and network slicing, has been well publicized. And IT leaders are familiar with the rise of Edge Computing, the outside-the-datacenter zone where IT touches the physical world. The stage is set for the convergence of these in Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), opening the door to a host of innovations that we can hardly even guess at right now.

We offered a couple of MEC demos at MWC:

  • Real-time control with simultaneous content streaming. We partnered with 5G Lab Germany to show how an Edge device – a 5G-enabled HPE Edgeline EL4000 Converged Edge System – can simultaneously control a device and stream content. The set-up involved a robot balanced on two wheels and wirelessly kept in balance by the Edgeline via a software-defined radio, while also responding to a human operator – a task that calls for extremely low latency. At the same time and across the same network, the Edgeline streamed high-quality video, demonstrating 5G’s powerful network-slicing capabilities. See this post for a complete description of the demo: Two technology trends collide at MWC 18: 5G and Edge Computing.
  • Video analytics at the Edge. Sending video data from cameras at the Edge back to the datacenter for processing can be a slow, expensive proposition. When decisions need to be made fast and accurately, latency in transmitting and processing data represent a huge challenge. The solution: analyze the data where it is generated, while only sending back to the operations center alerts for action and a reduced set of key data for evaluation and action. HPE expert Chris Meering explains how this approach can reduce staffing requirements and bandwidth needs as well as latency – a critical consideration in the event of an emergency – in this post: Video Analytics at MWC18: faster and more efficient with AI and Edge Computing

HPE helps to improve safety, security, and public services in India

Announced at the conference: new HPE customer deployments that will enhance safety, security and provide better public services for citizens of cities in India. Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (BSCDCL) selected HPE to create India’s first cloud-based Integrated Command and Control Center to enable the monitoring and administration of civic utilities and citizen services in several cities through a central cloud. HPE will deliver an end-to-end solution that includes Edge compute systems along with HPE Pointnext services and partner ecosystem offerings.

Just one more example of how the IoT and edge computing are living up to their promise of changing the world, and changing it for the better.

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