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2650 routing question

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John H. Miller
Occasional Advisor

2650 routing question

Can you 2650 do any sort of NAT routing? What I mean is, can I access a server on one network using an IP address from another network? Example:


Main network is Lets say I have another routed segment of and I have a server on that side at that I want to be able to access from the main network by using I know this can be done with a full router by setting up an inside NAT address, but can the 2650 do this as well. The reasoning is much more complex than I care to get into here.


Thanks! - John

Fredrik Lönnman
Honored Contributor

Re: 2650 routing question

No, the 2650 cant do NAT.

CCIE Service Provider
MASE Network Infrastructure [2011]

John H. Miller
Occasional Advisor

Re: 2650 routing question

That's what I thought. Thanks!