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Add IP Range to VLAN?

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Add IP Range to VLAN?

I've run out of IP addresses in a VLAN and am trying to figure out how to add a second range because the next set of IP's is in use by another VLAN.


This is on an HP Procurve 5400 zl series.


I need to expand VLAN 58 which has a range of


VLAN 60 occupies 192.168.60/23.


On the other side, VLAN 56 occupies


How (or can I even?) can I add another range like 192.168.62/23 to VLAN 58?


Conventiently this came up 2 months before I'm set to renumber the entire network, but due to heavy usage I can't renumber now.



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Re: Add IP Range to VLAN?

My apologies...should have searched the forums more. After 17 hours on this issue, my brain is something beyond fried.


I figured out how to resolve this thanks to this post:


In my case it was just:


vlan 58

ip add