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Arp Problem with Procurve 5308

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Arp Problem with Procurve 5308

Hi together,


we have several Procurve Switches in a routed LAN with a 5308 as the coreswitch. For several years it worked fine. Since last november we recognize, that the ping time between clients of different VLANs are extremely high (> 100ms), whereas < 1ms is normal.

What we can do is to submit the command "clear ARP" on the routing switch, and within a second all ping-times are < 1ms. Sometimes We have to do this twice a day.


I have disabled spanning tree, but nothing has changed. Also, I have checked the ARP cache to detect incorrect MAC entries - nothing found.

All Switches have the newest FW installed.


Does anyone know this problem? And does anyone know what I have to do?


I will appreciate everything that helps to solve this problem.


Karl Weber