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DHCP relay with Multinetted VLAN

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DHCP relay with Multinetted VLAN

I've inherited a network which only has ~400 hosts. 

What I'm trying to do is to break things down into subnets by swapping all hosts to DHCP but configuring a secondary address for static hosts to remain attached to the network.


Here's an example of the config:


vlan 3
name "Wing-1"
untagged D20
ip helper-address
ip address
ip address
tagged B24
ip igmp


The problem is I want any DHCP requests coming from there to be sent at requests, but they default to the 10.2 network.


Is there a way to specify the DHCP range I want to relay into? 

Something along the lines of ip address primary?

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Re: DHCP relay with Multinetted VLAN

What is your "dhcp-relay option 82" setting?  I haven't done this with multiple gateway addresses on the switch before, but it should work the same.


The trick is that the DHCP server selects the address based on the ip address of the relay agent, so as long as the option 82 is set right, it should use the IP address on which it received the request.

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Re: DHCP relay with Multinetted VLAN

Sorry I never responded, been busy and haven't checked the forums

The solution I found was to do


ip bootp-gateway


Much easier than messing with option 82.