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How to setup SourceIP based routing

James Crosland_1
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How to setup SourceIP based routing

Hello, I'm trying to setup Source IP based routing on a Procurve 5406 but I've run in to problems


We have a HP Procurve switch which is our default gateway and has various static routes

We have an MPLS router, with several static routes

We have a Cisco ASA firewall on also with several static routes to sites connected by IPSec VPN's

Finally we have a default route to this is our old firewall.

Essentially we want to migrate the default gateway from to but want to do this gradually, the idea being to move IP/portions of subnets across to the new gateway based on source IP routing.

As such the 2 commands i've created are below, to create a prefix-list for the IP i am testing, match the IP against the route map - and set the next hop


ip prefix-list Telstra-ASA: 1 entries
seq 5 permit ge 32 le 32
             (my test PC)

route-map "Map1" permit seq 10

match ip address prefix-list "Telstra-ASA"

match ip next-hop
set ip next-hop


Test traffic seems to completely ignore the settings and go out the standard default gateway.

Ian Vaughan
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Re: How to setup SourceIP based routing


If you want to do PBR (I would always try and find another way myself)
you can only do it if you have *all* zl V2 modules and you use the method here







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