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Re: InterVLAN routing not working - New to Procurves

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InterVLAN routing not working - New to Procurves



I'm hoping someone could give me some direction.  Basically my problem boils down to the fact that I can't go anywhere outside of my VLAN 200.  I have a new 2920 Procurve that is connected to a Netgear switch.  The Netgear switch only has the default VLAN 1 setup with an IP of  I have set up VLAN 200 with IP of /24 on the 2920 and have one port Untagged for 200.  This port is 3/2.  The port connected to the Netgear switch is port 3/48.  I can ping our DNS server ( from the Procurve which is connected to the Netgear switch but when I connect my laptop to port 3/2 (VLAN 200) and manually assign an IP address to my laptop I cannot ping the server.  Here is my config:


ip routing


vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   no untagged 3/1-3/3,3/20,3/47
   ip address

vlan 200
   name "Servers_Printers"
   untagged 3/2
   tagged 3/48
   ip address
   ip helper-address

interface 3/2 (connected to my laptop)
   untagged vlan 200

interface 3/48 (connection to Netgear switch)
   tagged vlan 200
   untagged vlan 1


Basically I can't get over to my Netgear switch on VLAN 200.

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Re: InterVLAN routing not working - New to Procurves

Trace the layer-3 path of the packet:




1/ Leaves your laptop, goes to its default gateway, which is the VLAN 200 interface on the 2920,

2/ From the VLAN200 interface, the 2920 is direct-connected to the destination subnet, therfore it knows to send out an ARP, find the destination device and switch the packet to it.

3/ The destination device replies by sending its packet to its default gateway. Where is that?

4/ The default gateway will look up its routing table to find the subnet. Can it find it?

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Re: InterVLAN routing not working - New to Procurves

I wanted to thank you for your response as it helped me to wrap my head around it and correct my issue.  I had to create a static route on two routers one of which was the Netgear L3 switch that pointed back to that VLAN.  I'm in the middle of implementing a new core which will remove the need for these routers but needed to get the InterVLAN routing functioning in the mean time.  Again, thank you!