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Layer 3 switch inter-VLANS routing

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Layer 3 switch inter-VLANS routing


I'm configuring some VLANS on my switch HP 1920-24G, and I want to enable routing between them using the switch capability and NOT the router.

Actually I've created them but I can't ping anything except of course the same VLAN in which I'm connected and the switch itself.

I don't find the error OR what is missed. Those are the specs:

switch IP:

  • default vlan1
  • vlan10
  • vlan20

I've created vlan10 and vlan20 and then assigned them some ports:

  • all ports untagged in vlan 1
  • ports 9,10,19,20 tagged in vlan10&vlan20 at the same time

At last in the IP table I set as a static route:

  • destination
  • mask
  • next hop (that is the router)

...I understood that this should bring me out in the internet but...

If I connect, for example, a couple of PC's to the ports with the VLANS tags


  • (as default gateway)



I can only ping the VLANS id ( and the switch ( So that's not working.

Coul you please help understand what's missed? Thank you very much



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Re: Layer 3 switch inter-VLANS routing

Your PC with on it needs to be on a switchport that is UNtagged in VLAN10.

Similar for the PC in VLAN20.

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Re: Layer 3 switch inter-VLANS routing

Thanks, but I did it and does not change:

  • Now all ports are untagged in VLAN1
  • Ports 9, 10, 19, 20 are untagged in VLAN10 and VLAN20
  • The and PC's are connected to 2 of these ports

BUT, again, I can't ping one from the other NEITHER I can ping the router!

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Re: Layer 3 switch inter-VLANS routing

I also enabled the 802.1x, with CHAP autentication method

(I selected CHAP in primis because it's suggested in an example for the VLAN configuration I found in the HP1920 USER MANUAL)