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Pinging the Serial interface on MSR 20-40s

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Pinging the Serial interface on MSR 20-40s

Hello all

I have a pair of MSR 20-40s and I connected the two via the serial interfaces. Serial 1 on both.

I successfuly attached an IP address to each interface. Tried to ping the Serial interface (from the router itself) and it will not respond. I then tried the other interface on the second router and again nothing. The loopbacks respond and the Ethernet inteface on the first responds too. Why doesn't the serial respond? Any ideas greatly appreciated.

The routers were un-configured and the 3 interfaces between them are the only thing up and configured with something.



Re: Pinging the Serial interface on MSR 20-40s

Hello Hardenj,


Thanks for posting your query.!


Please check physical connectivity and cable mismatches and then check wan protocols. You may take help of these guides below.

Layer 2 wan config guide :

Interface configuration guide :

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