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Routing specific VLAN's to different gateway


Routing specific VLAN's to different gateway



I have a requirement to add a separate business unit to our network. Their servers will be housed where ours are, so I want them to use our existing LAN infrastructure, however they are not allowed to use our Internet connection so I need to divert their traffic to a their own ISP device which is on our network...


How can I do this?


I have a range of HP Procurve devices including 2910, 2610, 5400, 3500 at my disposal... 

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Re: Routing specific VLAN's to different gateway



you need at least one 5400 or 3500 acting as routing device. Then you should upgrade your switch to >K.15.06.0006 where you can use PBR:


Policy Based Routing (PBR)
Enhancement (PR_0000072658) - PBR provides the ability to manipulate a packet’s path based on attributes of the packet. Traffic with the same destination can be routed over different paths, so that ip subnets coming from different departments can handled different. For more information, see the "Classifier-Based Software Configuration" chapter in the Advanced Traffic Management Guide for your switch.






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Re: Routing specific VLAN's to different gateway

Here's a somewhat simpler approach:


If they have a separate Internet connection, then i would just give them a dedicated VLAN, and make their Internet router part of that VLAN.  Your existing environment doesn't need to have an IP address on their VLAN.


When the time comes to enable communication between the different units, you could add an address for your routing switch on their VLAN in order to route between the environments, and add ACLs to control traffic between the two.