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Switch ignoring dhcp "tftp-server server-ip"

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Switch ignoring dhcp "tftp-server server-ip"

I have a switch 2530 on default configuration, DHCP configured on the default VLAN.

The switch receives and acknowlodge the DHCP offer, but ignores aditional option "tftp-server server-ip" and is downloading config file from the DHCP server instead iMC server. 

DHCP Server IP:
iMC Server IP:

HP-dhcp-server# show run | b dhcp-server pool
dhcp-server pool "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   bootfile-name "autocfg_hp.cfg"
   default-router ""
   lease infinite
   static-bind ip mac xxxxxx-xxxxxx
   tftp-server server-ip

HP-2530-24-PoEP#show logging -r

W 01/01/90 00:03:43 00136 tftp: Connection to failed
I 01/01/90 00:02:46 00090 dhcp: Trying to download Config File (using TFTP)
received in DHCP from
I 01/01/90 00:01:06 03783 dhcp: DHCP server did not offer all the DNS parameters
on Primary VLAN
I 01/01/90 00:01:06 00025 ip: DEFAULT_VLAN: ip address
configured on vlan 1
I 01/01/90 00:01:06 05177 ip: Setting IP address as default
I 01/01/90 00:01:06 00083 dhcp: updating IP address and subnet mask

Any thoughts about it?


Re: Switch ignoring dhcp "tftp-server server-ip"

Hello rafaelmedeiros,

apparently the device ignores the TFTP server parameter and attempts to download the file from the DHCP server, it looks like a bug. I would contact the HPE support for this.


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