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Re: Switch to switch pass through errors?

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Switch to switch pass through errors?

I hooked another switch and server into my network to try diskless booting. When i am not on the net work it boots in a minute forty. When i put it on the actual network and did it, it still was not booted after 8 minutes. I am pretty sure its configuration of something but i cant figure out what since all higher functions are disabled on the server NIC and the switch. I drew a picture instead of trying to describe it with language that i really dont understand.

Edit: Ok so the picture is NOT enough since it doesnt say much. I will write out the layout and then what it was that i tried todo.

the existing LAN consists of a pFsense -> v1910 48g -> 41 clients locally hosted OS -> iSCSI storage target -- Flat network configuration

I tried to add diskless boot capabilities by inserting into the LAN .. a new switch and iSCSI target ..

Broken configuration was pFsense -> v1910 48g -> 41 clients the iSCSI appliance and a cable run to a HP 5900af -> an iSCSI device into the 5900af

I would take a device out of the port of the v1910, unplug the harddrive and PXE from the new iSCSI through the 5900af ... It would take 10 minutes to boot.

BUT, if i disconnect the v1910 and isolate the 5900af and the iSCSI and attach one of the clients, it booted in 1:45 to full usefulness.

So i could not figure out what it was that stopped or throttled the data flow so drastically.

Hope that makes more sense.


Help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Switch to switch pass through errors?

It would be helpful if you edited your post with Post Options > Edit Reply and provided some of the info in your picture in your topic.

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Re: Switch to switch pass through errors?

Ok i added a description. Or as close to a descriptor as i can muster. Sorry about that.