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assign ip address to port via arp?

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assign ip address to port via arp?

Hi Community,

can i assign an ip address to a port on a HP V1910 48G.... but continue reading., itś not meant as gateway address.

i have a network, where little devices are sent in for check and repair. they do not use their ethernet ports for any other purpose.

by default, these boxes have all the same fixed ip address, and this cannot be changed, itś in the firmware.

the big problem: it has the same subnet as our office subnet, with the same default gateway.

AND we would have 4 people working on them simultaneously, because meanwhile they come rolling in in bulks, they were quite successful.... 

these devices do not have their MAC printed on them so i cannot just arp -s them from the workstation to reach them....

so i thought of maybe taking some different, vlan-isolated ports on the switch with static arp entries, that gives any device that connects on this port a unique static IP adress... and just plug them in.... but the static arp, as expected, only lets me give an ip address to a device on this port when i also provide the mac in that entry.

can anybody think of an arp-vlan-routing combination that would address my problem?

 i could of course just put second network cards into the workstations where they are checked and do some workaround there, but i would prefer a more elegant solution on this, using the switch and the available network sockets in the lab... if it is possible in any way.

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Re: assign ip address to port via arp?

update: they all have the same MAC address.... which makes it even more weird.