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multicasting in 3com 5500

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multicasting in 3com 5500

I am trying to enable multicasting in a 3com stack 5500 between 2 vlans (at this moment no other switches involved).

I have enabled multi cast routing - multicast routing enable

Then I enabled pim sm on the 2 vlan interface. Is there anything else I need to do?

Basically I am trying to setup Lan schools for remote view over the vlans. So far I have no success. 

Acccording to LAN school - they use for multicasting. As I select channel 3 for LAN school multicast will use It also use multicast port 796 - as the 2 test machine are on a domain network firewall is disabled by for it.

Is there anything else I am missing?


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Re: multicasting in 3com 5500

IGMP snooping under the VLANs so that the join requests is processed, you have to enable IGMP in all the switches under these 2 vlans, try with one switch and see.