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schedule rules

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schedule rules

Trying to set up schedule rule start/end times to permit access 0800 thru 2200 on Monday thru Thursday, and 0800 Friday thru 2200 Sunday.

For Monday thru Thursday, Start = 08:00; End = 22:00

For Friday, Start = 0800; End = 23:59

For Saturday, Start = 00:00; End = 23:59

For Sunday, Start = 00:00; End = 22:00

Will these settings cause a 1 minute break in access at 23:59 on Friday and Saturday? If so, how do I avoid such?


Re: schedule rules

should not affect the operations as the one rule ends on 23:59:59 and the new rule starts on 00:00:00, when you have a gap, you will only have the gap of one second.

with kind regards

Dennis Vogt
with kind regards

Dennis Vogt