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Re: Adding larger disks to vg00

Leonard Christman_1
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Adding larger disks to vg00

I currently have a K250 running HP-UX 10.20. My vg00 group resides on an
internal 2GB disk, mirror to a second 2GB disk. I want to add to 9GB internal
disks to this group, but am limited to 4GB because of the original setup. Has
anyone ether increase or rebuilt the boot disk and vg00 to accomadate this type
of change?
Steve White_8
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Re: Adding larger disks to vg00


I did this same job on a K-Class server. I used ignite-ux to create a recovery
tape and ran a full backup.

To verify the make_recovery tape I did the following:

1. make_recovery -Av /dev/rmt/0m

the previous command created the tape

2. mt -t /dev/rmt/0mn fsf 1

3. tar tvf /dev/rmt/0m

these two previous commands allow you to read through the tape to ensure it is
error free.

I then installed the larger disk and made it the new boot disk. I did a restore
on that new boot disk and test everything. Once I was happy that the disk was
stable and that I was able to boot off both disks I added the other disks to
/dev/vg00 and that was it.

I left the original disks intact until I was sure the new disks functioned 100%
I ending up installing two new disks of the same size, as you should because
you are using mirror disk/ux.