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Change vg00 vg version

Trusted Contributor

Change vg00 vg version

Is possible to change vg00 version?

I want to migrate a system from 1.0 to 2.2

I try booting in maintenance mode

i can change a vg(not vg00) with root mounted

If i try to change vg00,is impossible because

usr is a vg00 volume.

Someone know an howto for install or change vg00

to version 2.2?


Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Change vg00 vg version


The first question is: why would you want to do this?


vg00 is quite unique in that is is not just the root volume, but it is attached to the boot, swap and dump areas, all of which are tied to either the processor boot code or very low level HP-UX code associated with crash handling.


From the vgversion man page:


         Volume group versions 2.2 and higher do support root, boot, swap,
         and dump.  But the vgversion command currently does not support the
         migration of a volume group version 1.0 with bootable physical
         volumes to version 2.2 or higher in the HP-UX 11i v3 March 2010

 What is unclear in this doc is whether it is currently supported with the latest (2013) update.


However, the biggest issue is for vg00 recovery. Ignite cannot create a vg00 2.x VG. And if the reason to migrate to version 2.2 is so you can have a petabyte sized vg00, that is a big misunderstanding of how to manage vg00. vg00 is the OS, config files, libraries and product installation. Keeping massive amounts of data in vg00 will negate any perceived value in having just one VG for the entire system. And then there's the big issue with backup tools such as Data Protector, Netbackup, etc.


And even if HP does update vgversion (and HP-UX and crash dump tools and swap code and and Service Guard, and vPars, and...) to allow for version 2.2, I would not recommend moving that direction unless you have time (several days) to test implementation, compatibility and bare-metal recovery before any movement into production.







Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Honored Contributor

Re: Change vg00 vg version



Never tried it, but you could try  with a ignite backup/restore, take a make_*_recovery, then in advance settings before you restore your image in ignite check if you can select vg00 version 2.2.


"Ignite-UX now supports boot, dump, swap and data volumes for LVM volume group version 2.2 for HP-UX 11iv3, as well as the earlier version 1.0."

Windows?, no thanks
Trusted Contributor

Re: Change vg00 vg version

I have made tape_recovery

but when i try to load vgversion give me error.

Load vgdisplay works but


/sbin/sh: ./vgdisplay:  not found

 I try sbin/vgdisplay,give me same error

Trusted Contributor

Re: Change vg00 vg version

The newest hpux installer allow to create a vg00 2.2

,i want to use this for one reason: lvm snapshots :)


Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Change vg00 vg version

I never worked with LVM snapshots.


After you did your tests, could you please tell if you can boot from such snapshot?


If this doesn't work, consider to stay with DRD.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Change vg00 vg version

I use snapshot for backup
Trusted Contributor

Re: Change vg00 vg version

I know vg00 is bootable with version 2.2

But only if you install from scratch

try to convert from vg 1.0 to vg 2.2

is impossible

I have try to recreate a vg01 2.2 OK

make the correct volumes with scrict/contiguous for lvol1 2 3..OK

copy all data OK

mkboot and lvlnboot OK

but volume boot only from old disk(sic!)  with new volume 2.2(LOL)

but if i try to boot from new disk with 2.2 vg...nothing

bootloader hpux ll command give files

but if i reboot(and boot from old disk with 1.0)

 lifls  give me the files of new disk with 2.2.