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Odd LVM Error

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Odd LVM Error

[ Edited ]

Trying to expand an volume group, but we are seeing this weird error every time we run any LVM command:


# vgdisplay -v vg05

Could not open the LVM device file /dev/lvm_private/lvm .
open: Permission denied 



The only other reference to this I found via Google was on this site, which was not answered, and stated that the command needed to be run as root.  We are running as root.


The file /dev/lvm_private/lvm exists and has the same permissions as on other servers were we don't see the error.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Odd LVM Error

OK... server was rebooted.  It won't come up.  Mounts root filesystem and hangs.

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Re: Odd LVM Error

Reboot again, this time into LVM Maintenance Mode?


From here you can at least try working with VG05 to see what problems you continue to have.



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Re: Odd LVM Error

Check dmesg and syslog.log for possible error messages.

Is this a straight server or a vPar or IVM partition?

What's the model of the server, HP-UX version, and the storage for vg05.

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Re: Odd LVM Error

OK... what it turned out to be was even more bizarre than I imagined.


Apparently, a Progress installation or rogue chown had changed the UID:GID ownershp on the entire /usr/bin directory (and others), so many of the lvm commands weren't owned by root:sys.  This is why we saw the odd permissions error.


The system finally rebooted, but nothing was working as expected.  A lot of manual chowning following by several swverify's and one more reboot resolved the issue.