Using setboot - 11iv2/v3

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Tom Haddad
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Using setboot - 11iv2/v3

Just a basic question.


setboot -v shows a primary and alternate boot path.

I broke all mirroring and removed the alternate device from VG00.

Now I have just a primary boot device and reboot still works fine BUT setboot -v still shows alt path set to the old alt hw path. How do you (or the system) clear the "setboot -a" to null?

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Re: Using setboot - 11iv2/v3

IMHO you don't need to do this.

In case the system will boot from the alternate for any reason, the boot will just fail.

Hope this helps!

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P Arumugavel
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Re: Using setboot - 11iv2/v3

If you want the old alt hw path to disappear from setboot, just make it primay device also as alternate...

setboot -a primary_hwpath