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agile disk addressing for 11.23

Andrew medhurst1
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agile disk addressing for 11.23

i thought there was the ability to apply a module to update 11.23 to use agile disk addressing but cannot find details of how to achieve this.
i need to get agile addressing due to some san changes and if this is not possible then i have to upgrade and that is far more difficult in the time frame.

Re: agile disk addressing for 11.23

Nope, agile DSFs exist only in 11.31 - they were never back-ported to 11.23. Maybe you were thinking of Dynamic LUN expansion (DLE), parts of which were back-ported to 11.23:

That said, what is so critical about having agile DSFs for a SAN change? It's certainly more straightforward if you have them, but its never been impossible even on 11.11 and 11.23 - what do you need to chnage?



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Kapil Jha
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Re: agile disk addressing for 11.23

Agile addressing is not possible in 11.23,
what changes are going in SAN.

The maximum thing can happen is disk device name change, for that you just remove the /etc/lvmtab and recreate by vgscan and this would be fine I suppose.

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Jamie Willard_2
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Re: agile disk addressing for 11.23

if you scan for address changes with vgscan, make sure you verify your primary and alternate links using

vgdisplay -v

to confirm the balance between interfaces in LVM.

if you need to re-order the links, use 'vgreduce' and 'vgextend'