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how to configure SAN with library

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how to configure SAN with library

I am new for hp technology general. Pardon me if this is basic. Actually I have recently bye a hp san switch & msl6000 library, 5 Emulex lp1050 hba cards for takes backup of five servers through VERITAS server. I have connected all cards and library with dl380 server in windows 2003 internment. And create a policy for take backup, but backup is taking 9 to 10 hours. I think my backup is not done by fiber. Plz tell me how can I correct this problem.
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Re: how to configure SAN with library

Fibre is a fast SCSI connect pathway.. that is like many Roads by Car .. so are you saying that your car is slow ? are you saying that the roads are slow ?

which do you think ?

try running an FTP command from the Client to your Veritas Server and do the opposite test.. using a file that is 10K Bytes in size... if you need a file.. run the HPUX calloc or pcalloc command in HPUX.

Also, what is your Policy like ? Tell Me ?
does you policy do Multi Streaming ? Mulplexing ?

The problem might be your network and not your client or Veritas Server systems..

use FTP to test your network, this is the same as running the TCP backup commands

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Re: how to configure SAN with library


What you will need to do is make sure firstly that the MSL library is visible to all the devices coneected to the SAN.

Have you set up zoning on your switch? What operating systems do each of the clients have?

If your Veritas Net Backup version supports multiple IO Paths (HP refers to this as Multipathing) for a single device then you will need to set it up for that backup device and adjust your backup specifications accordingly.

If not then you will have to set up individual backup devices for each server with the MSL as a local device on each server. However this is risky since you will have to make sure that no two servers try to use the same tape drive at the same time.

Also make sure that on Windows 2003 Servers the Remote Storage Service is DISABLED.


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Re: how to configure SAN with library

On client we have installed windows 2000 advance server. and we are using veritas v6.
what should i do to take backup via san. i have to configure veritas client or veritas server. plz give me some tips.