pvcreate question

Travis Harp_1

pvcreate question

Hello all -

I have a system that has SAN disks attached and after I pvcreate'ed the disks and vgextend'ed the volume groups I noticed that the disks were created too small.

Now the SAN group has re-created the disks the correct size but when I vgreduce the disks and try to use pvcreate on them again they show back up the same size as they were before.

Where is the system saving this information so I can force it to find the new size of the disks.

Patrick Wallek
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Re: pvcreate question

You might try using rmsf to remove the /dev/dsk/ and /dev/rdsk/ device files for those LUNs.

Then use insf to recreate the device files. You can then use diskinfo (using the /dev/rdsk/ devie) to see what size HP-UX sees.
Court Campbell
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Re: pvcreate question

You may have to re-run ioscan.

ioscan -fnC disk


diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#

See if it has changed. I think that the disk info may be held in a kernel structure until you either reboot or rerun ioscan.
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melvyn burnard
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Re: pvcreate question

If you have not rebooted since making these changes on the SAN side, the OS will not recognize the change in size.
you need to do a reboot
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