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A very focused study intended Java programmers.

Valued Contributor

A very focused study intended Java programmers.

Dear Java programmer,


A very focused study intended Java programmers dealing with different OSes and willing to write as much as simple and portable Java code is available at

The main idea is to not bother Java codes with OS specific file/path syntaxes such as found on Windows and OpenVMS meanwhile permitting the Java code end-user the file syntax he is used to.


Along with the I propose for downloading, you ought to be able to test almost all Unix/Windows/OpenVMS file syntaxes indifferently on your Unix/Windows/OpenVMS computer. This is described in the DOWLOAD section of this document.


This pre-study is aimed at best porting parts of JRuby onto OpenVMS. Some positive results with JRuby 1.6.6 have been achieved under Windows. However I do need JRuby developers acceptance for the result I achieve. This might hurt many Windows JRuby users observing a pure Unix file syntax instead of the pure Windows file syntax they may be used to.