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sang wook byun
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Cobol Running Error

Help me Please !!!

I use HP N4000(HPUX11.0) and Oracle 8.1.7 and Object Cobol 13.40

and recently I bought a second-hand N4000 (HPUX11.i) and Oracle 9.2.0 and Object Cobol 13.40

and I revise only one-part in my makefile that include oracle lib dir for 9.2.0 32bit version.

and the compile was OK but when I run the program, I met below message.

Execution error : file 'pays110r'
error code: 114, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
114 Attempt to access item beyond bounds of memory (Signal 10)

HP/MF COBOL Version: B.13.40
HP-UX smcpdss B.11.11 U 9000/800
pid: 4960 gid: 20 uid: 106
Tue Jan 24 13:52:04 2006
1:52pm up 50 mins, 3 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
Thread mode: No Threads
Sync Signals: COBOL
ASync Signals: COBOL
cobtidy on exception: False
Devender Khatana
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Re: Cobol Running Error


It seems related to misconfigured memory related kernel parameters.

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John Waller
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Re: Cobol Running Error

I'm probably wrong but I thought I read somewhere that cobol on HPUX 11i by default compiled as 64-bit, you have to put a switch in the compile to build 32-bit. If you are running Oracle at 32-bit then that might be your problem.
susan gregory_1
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Re: Cobol Running Error

Object COBOL is not 64-bit capable. It will only compile into a 32-bit application.
The error message is a SIGBUS, which along with SIGSEGV, is a "catch-all" type of error.
Usually an "Attempt to access item beyond bounds of memory" indicate that COBOL has an invalid address for a variable or a subroutine. The "pays110r" indicates the subroutine the problem occurred in. How and when the address became invalid is the challenge. It could be due to a corrupted stack problem from a bad subroutine call or something else of that nature. You could try adding a compile directive for bounds checking to see if that helps. It could be due to corrupted code. Have you checked and/or recompiled any shared libs you are using?
Also, your version of the compiler is really old and B.13.50 was the latest version of that discontinued COBOL product. The MF COBOL product is no longer distributed or supported by the HP Response Center and you may need to talk to Micro Focus if you cannot figure out the problem on your own.