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HPUX 11.23 ia , hpws, apache, php, oracle


HPUX 11.23 ia , hpws, apache, php, oracle

I have a problem with the HP product hpws ( HPUXWSATW-B216 1123-64 )in connection with the Oracle client.
The bug occurs if I use a PHP script and when I use the library
Error in Apache : child pid .... exit signal Segmentation fault (11).
- hpux 10.23
- hpws 64bit
- oracle instant client 10.1, 64bit ( -> libclntsh.10.1)

A php script with a call phpinfo() print out the website :
OCI8 Support enabled
Revision $Revision: 1.273 $
Active Persistent Links 0
Active Links 0
Oracle Version no value
Compile-time ORACLE_HOME no value
Libraries Used no value
Temporary Lob support enabled
Collections support enabled

Directive Local Value Master Value
oci8.default_prefetch 10 10
oci8.max_persistent -1 -1
oci8.old_oci_close_semantics 0 0
oci8.persistent_timeout -1 -1
oci8.ping_interval 60 60
oci8.privileged_connect Off Off
oci8.statement_cache_size 20 20

Can anybody help me?