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Python ctypes causing segmentation fault on IA64

Occasional Collector

Python ctypes causing segmentation fault on IA64

I am currently trying to get Python 2.7.X ctypes/_ctypes working on HPUX IA64 such that this code would work:


import ctypes;lc=ctypes.CDLL("/usr/lib/hpux32/");lc.time(None)


This code however causes a segmentation fault on the last line.

I had installed ixPython from the Internet Express bundle however that version is missing the _ctypes module which the ctypes module uses. I'm not the first person to uncover this issue as even back in 2010 there was a post about it:

So right now I am using the Python and Libffi packages from Unfortunately I'm unable to determine what the root cause is, whether it is Python or Libffi.

Is anyone here able to get the sample code above running properly? If so what is your setup. I'm also looking for suggestions on things to try since I'm running out of ideas.