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To read the variable

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To read the variable

Hi there
I have variable set:

LV=`vgdisplay -v vg00|awk '{if (/LV Name/) {split($3,a,/\//);printf "%s ",a[4]}}

echo $LV

The output looks like that:

lvol1 lvol2 lvol3 lvol4 lvol5 lvol6 lvol7 lvol8

I nead to read the variable contex, character by character so I can eventualy separate all names of lvols and count them.

Perhaps there is a simplier method to count the hov many separate words are there?


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Re: To read the variable


echo ${LV} | wc -w

for more info check man wc

to read each character do a for loop

for i in ${LV} ; do
echo ${i}

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Re: To read the variable

how about :

echo $LV | wc -w

see "man wc"
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Re: To read the variable

you can use wc command to do it with the switch -w.

so in your script, add this line;

echo $LV | wc -m

From wc man;
-m Counts characters

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Re: To read the variable

Hi Piotr:

Based upon your questions, and without disrespect, you might find this shell overview helpful:

I would choose the Poxix shell since this is the HP-UX standard. It aligns closely to the Korn shell and Bash (in the Linux world) is another cousin.

A good site for shell scripts and techniques is also:


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Re: To read the variable

Though the thread has been closed already,
but because no one mentioned the use of an array in this context.
You could slightly modify your assignment to


# set -A LV $(vgdisplay -v vg00|awk '/LV Name/{split($3,a,/\//);print a[4]}')

# echo ${#LV[*]}
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Re: To read the variable

cool :)
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