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Typing 8 bit characters on the console

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Olivier ROBERT
Frequent Advisor

Typing 8 bit characters on the console

Dear forum readers,

I have a strange problem with my HP terminal. When I am connected on the console to the HP-UX (11.00) system (running on an A400), it looks like 8 bit characters aren't transmitted correctly. For example, if I type an "e" with a cute accent, it displays "i" instead, and when I type the Euro symbol, it displays... a dollar! (yes I'm using the ISO-9 character set). That smells like an 8 bit problem, but I don't see how to correct it. In local mode everything displays OK, and even more mysterious (to me at least), I tried once on an rp2470, and it worked OK in GSP mode, but not in console mode... Am I the only one with that problem?
Thanks in advance!

Olivier ROBERT
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Typing 8 bit characters on the console

On the console, do a stty -a and note whether you have cs7 or cs8 set for 7-bit or 8-bit characters. You might also have istrip (rather than -istrip) set that will strip the hi-order bit from input characters.

You should be able to correct this with a stty cs8 -istrip command. (This does assume your terminal also it set for 8-bit characters itself.)
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