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gdb errors attaching to a process


gdb errors attaching to a process

HP gurus:


I am having trouble attaching to a process in gdb. I have tried several

things to solve the problem, with no luck. I also searched through the

archives and found no past discussions about my problem. I am hoping

someone here can help.


I am running on a PA-RISC machine (a C3600 WS) using HP-UX 10.20.

The compiler I am using is g++ version2.7.2.2, and I am using gdb

version 4.16. I believe I compiled all the code correctly - I used the

"-g3 -O0 (that's -Ohhhh zero)" flags during my compile. The application

I am trying to test is three "levels" - an outer wrapper level, an

intermediate level, and a low-level kernel. I have tested the kernel

code in gdb with no problems. When I compiled everything and then

tried to attach to it, I get problems.


Assuming my Application program is named "foo" and its process

number is "1234", I have tried:

  > gdb foo

      (gdb) attach 1234


  > gdb foo 1234


  > gdb foo

      (gdb) attach 1234 foo


  > gdb

      (gdb) attach 1234 foo


With the exception of the last example (which is even worse), I get

an error:

  warning: reading register r3: I/O error

  0x1307578 in _read_sys ()


If I do a stack backtrace, I get:

  #0 0x1307578 in _read_sys ()

  #1 0x12f6410 in _read ()

When you look at the stack backtrace, it "hangs" and I

have to do a <CTRL-C> to get back a gdb prompt. I can

do "directory" commands and set break points, but when

I do a "continue", nothing happens. I eventually have to

do a <CTRL-C> to get the gdb prompt back, and the stack

backtrace is the same as above (i.e.. nothing seems to be



If I do a:

  > gdb foo

      (gdb) run

This seems to work fine - I can see the Application initializing

and interacting with the database. Once it's up and waiting

for some work to do, however, is when I want to attach to



Just for grins, I wrote a small program outside our Application

environment and tried to attach to it. I did not get the error

mentioned above, but I did get "permission" problems. When

I did the attach, I got back "ptrace: permission denied". I did

some Google searches and understand this a little; however,

most of the solutions were Linux based. I could not equate

most of the answers to HP-UX 10.20. Anyway, I did this just

for fun, but I would like to make some progress on the problem



Any ideas why I cannot seem to attach to a running process?


Thanks for the help.




Jeff Kolodziej




Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: gdb errors attaching to a process (10.20)

I think you are way out of luck, 10.20 isn't supported and very old.

And the gdb you're using? isn't HP's wdb.


You may want to try debugging this on a more recent, supported OS version, 11.31.


Re: gdb errors attaching to a process (10.20)

Thanks for the reply and the advice. OK, your reply is not



Unfortunately, I am constrained with the current system

we have. There is no realistic option to use newer

hardware/software/tools, so I will search for an

alternative solution.


I assigned kudos - thanks again for the input.