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how to configure the GD lib's supports for php

Occasional Advisor

how to configure the GD lib's supports for php

i want to install apache+php+mysql on it,
so i downloaded a depot packetï¼

it's builded in apache2.0.50,php4.3.8,
swinstall it and test:
it worked.

but i need php worked with php's jpgraph to draw pictureï¼ and the jpgraph is depended on GD lib

i downloaded:
and installed all of them ok.

in a page to test jpgraph,there's a error then.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromstring() in /opt/hpws/apache/php/lib/php/jpgraph.php on line 5648

it seems there's sth. wrong with GD lib.

my question is:
almost all the infos of GD-supporting for php were configured by "configure --***" when it was being installed.
what i should do to make the depot's php supports GD lib after it was