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problem with installing patches

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Super Advisor

problem with installing patches

I'm trying to install some patches: for ex. PHCO_22924 - PHSS_19379 - PHSS_21971.....but having problems during swinstall, an error message appear:
"name_ws:/patch/PHSS_19739": An I/O error occurred while performing this task.
First I thought the patches were downloaded bad, i tried the second download but during install the same messages appears.
Hope someone can help me.
Pete Ellis
Trusted Contributor

Re: problem with installing patches

The patch names should have .depot on the end, have you run sh to unpack the patch?

Thomas Kollig
Trusted Contributor

Re: problem with installing patches


Perhaps you have gezipped files. Rename them (add .gz) and use gunzip.


Super Advisor

Re: problem with installing patches

Thanks very much!!! That was a problem...I'm new and i'm trying to learn, so every time i download patch i have to run sh...
Thanks again
Dan Hetzel
Honored Contributor

Re: problem with installing patches

Hi Tarek,

When you download a patch from HP ftp server, it comes as a text file.

This text file is a "shell archive" that need to be extracted using the following command:
sh PH??_?????

Make sure that you have the correct format if you are downloading on a PC as windows uses
pairs to delimit lines while Unix only uses

If you transfer from HP ftp server to a PC, use the binary mode when ftping to your HP Box.

If you use 'vi' in the patch file and see a '^M' at the end of every line, then you know it's the wrong format. Use 'dos2unix' to convert your file if it's the case.

Once extracted (with 'sh PH??_????') it should leave you 2 files, one ending in '.depot' and one ending in '.text'.
The first oue should be used as source for your swinstall command.

Best regards,

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