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"variable_tag not set" error message

Vefa Kucukboyaci
Occasional Contributor

"variable_tag not set" error message

I am trying to compile a large F90 code on an HP itanium2 machine, specs follow:

uname -a:
HP-UX XXX B.11.22 U ia64

ia64 hp workstation zx6000

Fortran Version:
FORTRAN90 B.11.22.03 FORTRAN Programming
PHSS_28304 1.0 FORTRAN I/O Library [libIO77]
PHSS_29295 1.0 Fortran Product Patch, v2.6 to v2.7.1

Compiling options are:

f90 +source=free +DD64 +DSitanium2 +O2 +i8 +r8 +Onoopenmp gxsub.f

This subroutine yields the following message:
*** line# 75 Return_U2_Variable_Tag_From_Variable -- variable_tag not set
Abnormal Exit [99] taken from bridge

(0) 0x0000000000a0a4f0 BM_Exit + 0x90 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(1) 0x0000000000a0a440 BM_error + 0x80 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(2) 0x0000000000a154c0 BU_Return_U2_Variable_Tag_From_Variable + 0x80 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(3) 0x00000000009eb760 Emit_Load_Scalar_Variable + 0x760 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(4) 0x00000000009cef00 Emit_Code + 0x800 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(5) 0x0000000000a44fe0 AR_Process_ARRAYELMT0 + 0xa0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(6) 0x00000000009d03a0 Emit_Code + 0x1ca0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(7) 0x00000000009e1160 Emit_Code_Value + 0xe0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(8) 0x00000000009cfb50 Emit_Code + 0x1450 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(9) 0x00000000009e1160 Emit_Code_Value + 0xe0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(10) 0x00000000009c2850 Walk_Spine_And_Emit_Code + 0x6e0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(11) 0x00000000009e7c00 Declare_and_Walk_Nested_Procedures + 0x190 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(12) 0x00000000009c5e40 Walk_Spine_And_Emit_Code + 0x3cd0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(13) 0x00000000009c2120 codegen + 0xe0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(14) 0x000000000088d0b0 processprogramblock + 0x160 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(15) 0x000000000088c4d0 visitpreorder + 0xe0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(16) 0x000000000088c5e0 visitprogramblocklist + 0x40 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(17) 0x00000000009c9270 generatecode + 0x50 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(18) 0x0000000000725730 fort90 + 0x3d7d0 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(19) 0x00000000006e6060 main + 0x40 [/opt/fortran90/lbin/f90com64]
(20) 0x60000000c0028cc0 main_opd_entry + 0x50 [/usr/lib/hpux32/]

f90: warning 51: compiler error.
f90: error 213: Errors detected, no link.

I believe we have the latest patch installed for fortran.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.
Vefa Kucukboyaci