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shell script

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shell script

I have a string like

I need to extract the mailid seperated by a space for any given user like ax-a1.

I have tried to use
Test=`grep a1-ax mailids.txt`
echo $Test | awk '{print substr($0,":",index($0,";"))}'

but it doesn't seem to work. Can you please suggest??

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Re: shell script


The second argument to substr is an offset numner, and you passed it a piece of string.
That's not goign to work.

Please explain a little more clearly what you expact for output and where the input comes from.
- A single long string with multiple usernames + email?
- When ax-a1 is select, which are we supposed to return:, or all of ""?

You may readily find a solution by using a regexpr for field seperator. Check out the following example:

$ cat x
ax-a1:; ax-a2:;
$ awk -F'[:; ]+' '{print $3}' x
$ awk -F'[:;]' '{print $3}' x
$ awk -F'[:;]' '{print $2}' x

Hope this helps some...

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Re: shell script


if your string has an entry
und you grep for
you won't get results :-)

This will give you the second field stripped by the last character, which is ";" in your case:

awk -F: -v user=ax-a1 '$1 == user {print substr($2,1,length($2)-1)}' mailids.txt

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Re: shell script

Buildin up on the external passed usename you could 'walk' the field in steps of 2 looking for a username match.
Note, I had to strip spaces from the username for it to match easily:

$awk -F'[:;]' -v user=ax-a2 '{i=0; while (i++

Or you could have 'fields' be user:email by using ';' as FS (field seperator) and then splitting on ":" to look at the parts:

$ awk -F\; -v user=ax-a1 '{i=0; while (i++

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Re: shell script


How about:

# STR="ax-a1:;ax-a2:;"

# echo ${STR} | perl -nle 'BEGIN{$u=shift};print $1 if m/$u:(.+?);/' ax-a1

...would return:


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Re: shell script

Here's a way of doing it with sed:

# echo $Test | sed -n 's/\(.*\): \(.*\);/\2/p'

...and with awk

echo $Test | awk -F": " '{print z[split($2,z,";")-1]}'
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Re: shell script

cut -d":" -f 2

you'll still have a ';' at the end but that's removed quickly with sed or something similar.
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Re: shell script

Thanks everyone. Got it working now.