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have a app that is aborting with the following message:
Connecting to SDE...
/usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: xdrmem_create (code) from /ora10/app/sde/sd
zonea15: 6099 Abort(coredump)

xdrmem_create is in /usr/lib/libc.1. Works fine on the development computer (HP700) but not on this one (HP800). Both running HPUX 11.00 and both have same patches.

any ideas?
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Re: xdrmem_create

OK, just two quick thoughts,

1. Check those patches and make sure they show configured...
2. Check your SHLIB_PATH, make sure it's right and set to all the library directories it lib /usr/lib etc...


Re: xdrmem_create

On my HP-UX 11.0 L2000 system, libc.1 has the xdr routines, but libc.2 does not. points to libc.2 in this case.

I ran into problems with the xdr_mem routines missing previously and found that linking in libnsl did the trick. Give this a shot.