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you have any script diagnose the network

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you have any script diagnose the network


how can make a script or you have any script diagnose the network

which user access my server via public IP and local IP on any ports like http,SSH,ftp and others


Is any script which can run and know the users and name



aamir uddin
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Re: you have any script diagnose the network

For users that log in via SSH or telnet you can who *HAS* logged in with the last command.


If you want to see who has accessed a web page or an applicaiton you will have to learn how to query those.  Web servers have logs you can look at.  Their location is dependent on how they were set up.  You will have to figure that out.  Applications are the same way -- they generally have log files or some mechanism to keep track of who accesses when, but again you will have to figure that out.

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