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MSM720/Active Directory Question

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MSM720/Active Directory Question


Hi everyone,


I'm slowly rolling out AD to my company and I about the join the MSM to do AD authentication.


I have 2 active VSCs and 1 new one for AD authentication.


When I add the controller to AD; will it affect the authentication methods for the other VSCs?  VSC 1 is using WPA2 and VSC 2 is using HTML-based authentication.


I want to make sure that when joining the MSM to AD that the first 2 VSCs will still be accessible by their usual authenitcation methods and don't cause any disruption to the users.


Thanks :)


Re: MSM720/Active Directory Question

1) in order to use html-based auth, your VSC need to strict the profile to controller and use the controller IP as a gateway.

2) please untick the access control for VSC that u dont need to authenticate using html